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Exploring the Future of the Internet: What is Web3.0?

Exploring the Future of the Internet: What is Web3.0?

GX Anshu | Wed Dec 15 2021

Internet is the revolutionary thing ever happens in the human history. it help user to get information and knowledge about various things from one mouse click

World Wide Web or WWW or the internet have three version the first one is web 1.0 and the another one is web 2.0 and now in 2022 we got a new thing name as web 3.0 so lets take a look at what’s the thing actually they are ?

from 1995 to 2004 this version of web have only HTML markup data users can only read data from the internet but not able to write info easily on the web, here all the content is in the form on HTML markup and hyperlink to link one markup to another.

from 2004 to 2021 this version of web is the most used version because from this era so many big Tech companies write there programs to get freedom to write or create content on the internet with the social media like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and much more. now the problem is that the full control of the internet or the privacy of user is gone in the hand of big tech companies like google and Facebook. they sell your data and earn money.

revolution of the web Source: Fabric Ventures

With Web 3.0, women, men, machines & businesses will be able to trade value, information & work with worldwide similar person or thingies they don’t know or yet clearly and definitely trust, without a person who gets between two arguing parties to help them agree. The most important change for the better, over time enabled by Web 3.0 is the minimization of the trust needed/demanded for coordination on a related to being big enough to reach or serve the whole world. This marks a move towards trusting all voters/parts of a network completely/in a hinting way rather than needing to trust each individual clearly and definitely and/or trying to accomplish or gain with effort trust not in a built-in way/coming from outside.

Web 3.0 will basically expand the scale & scope of both human and machine interactions far beyond what we can imagine today. These interactions, ranging from very smooth payments to richer information flows, to trusted data moves from one place to another, will become possible with a hugely increased range of possible similar person or thingies. Web 3.0 will enable us to interact with any individual or machine in the world, without having to pass through fee-charging people or businesses who buy goods to sell to stores, not you. This shift will enable a whole new wave of before that/before now impossible to imagine businesses and business models: from worldwide co-operatives to decentralized self-ruling organizations and self-sovereign data places where people buy things.