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Breaking the Loop

GX Anshu | Dec 10, 2023

Hey folks,

We all have dreams and goals we want to achieve, right? We have a clear picture of what we aspire to be or what we want from life.

Recently, I stumbled upon a book called “Atomic Habits” by James Clear, and it hit me hard - our habits shape our future. We may have lofty goals, but do our habits align with achieving them?

Let me share a bit of my story. My ultimate goal is to become a great computer scientist. Sounds cool, right? But let’s take a peek into my daily routine, the loop I find myself stuck in.

  1. Job
  2. College
  3. Social Media (mostly for entertainment)

And that’s about it. I wake up, dive into YouTube shorts, Twitter, Discord, and before I know it, it’s 9 or 10 AM. Suddenly, the realization hits that I have a job to do, and only then do I kickstart my day.

This loop continues - job, social media, college - a mundane routine.

It feels like I’m stuck in this loop, and I need to break free. So, here’s my plan starting today:

I’ll wake up early, jot down my tasks for the day. If there aren’t any specific tasks, I’ll add something related to learning.

Sure, entertainment is a crucial part of life. We can’t be all work and no play. But discipline is the key to focusing on our dreams.

Let’s see how this small change can shake up my life. Stay tuned! 🚀