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Life events, opportunities, failures

Life, 08 Jan 2005

Born in Ram Khediya village near hindaun city 🇮🇳

School, Apr 2008

First day of School at Swami Vivekanad Sr Sec School 🧑‍🎓 (mom sent me very early lol)

Life, Aug 2012

Moved to Jaipur & First day in NAVP Sr. Sec. School. Got a chance to know the city lifestyle and made some new friends.

Life, Jan 2018

I got my first computer and learned about programming. fell in love with 🤓 HTML & CSS

Work, Nav 2018

Earned my life's first money by developing a website in HTML & CSS for our local restaurant CNF

School, Feb 2019

Droped out of school in 9th class and started learning on my own 📚 due to some financial issues in my family.

Education, Jan 2020

Started learning programming in C in pandamic 🧑🏻‍💻 all thanks to my mentor who help me on every step.

Work, Dec 2020

Found my life's first freelancing Ecom project 🤝. developed in Wordpress and PHP

Education, Jul 2020

Started learning Full stack web & development, created Firstly and mastered React.

Education, Aug 2021

Explored many different technologies. created Golden Blush Started my YouTube channel and Developed my site with Hugo

Work, Jan 2022

Started my own selling business but it failed but I learned a lot about communication, selling, problem solving..

Life, Aug 2022

Lost my mom in kidney disease that was a really hard time for me.

Life, Mar 2023

By doing self study, I gave JEE mains paper in Science Maths but missed by few marks, then I gave 12th class papers and passed with good marks.

Work, Aug 2023

Joined BHuman.ai, where my job is to build user interfaces for Ai products.