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Introducing gxanshu 2.0: The Revamped Portfolio Website

GX Anshu | Fri Dec 10 2021

hi everyone,

Today I have a good news for myself now finally I completed my project codeanshu after 1 month of code but this time the site get so many big changes that are new reflect on website. let me talk out why i created this website ?

the simple reason is I want to share my knowledge to the world that’s why i need a website which take low cost of running and make money for me but as my technology stack I know how to create a website in WordPress with PHP but this a good cost like the charges of servers and the domain and themes and plugins and much more that’s why I don’t want to choose the WordPress. now I need a stack that help me to create a beautiful blog with low costing and after too many searches I found out a new stack for me JAMstack.

i like this technology there is no need for databases and servers at all i can easily host these website on static server with very low costing and i can use many good JavaScript framework for better UI.

so i was searching for a good static site generator and latter i found out HUGO static site generator which looks pretty cool for me because the fireship is also created with HUGO and i can also use it.

so after 1 month of code i write a good website for me in Hugo and host it on firebase this website get really good traffic and my blog is going really too fast on google ranking due to speed and accessibility.

Screenshot (43).png

but the problem with this site that whenever i want to add a functionality the hole code is written by me from basic JavaScript to advance all done by me i want interactive way to done that and now I have React skills as well i want to create this hole website in react.

React is not SEO friendly so i need a framework that help me in speed and in SEO as well so now I have two chooses Nextjs and Gatsby’s both are good static site generator but i love Nextjs personally because i never tried Gatsby i write the hole website in nextjs but the problem came with pagination of blog post because there is no SEO friendly way to add pagination in nextjs website and after reading the documentation of Gatsby i thing i need to try Gatsby as well..

The fun fact is this it’s too easy to migrate code from Next To Gatsby just copy and paste component from one dir. to another dir. I like Gatsby because it provide pagination, image optimization and much more.

so i just use Gatsby for my project and now I release a new version of gxanshu.

thanks for reading meet you in my website gxanshu