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Parivartan Parry Mobile Application Project

Parivartan Parry Mobile Application Project

by Gx Anshu | Sat Jan 13 2024

Tech Stack

I am thrilled to showcase my latest project, a dynamic mobile application designed exclusively for Parivartan Parry, a prominent political party in India. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, this app was crafted using TypeScript, React Native Expo, and backed by the robust Firebase platform.

Key Features:

link $Key Features:
  1. Secure Login & Signup: The application offers a seamless and secure login/signup process. Users are required to make a subscription payment to access the app, ensuring a dedicated and committed user base.
  2. Subscription-Based Model: To enhance user engagement and commitment, a subscription-based model is implemented. Users contribute a fixed amount monthly, supporting the sustained growth of the app.
  3. Geographical Insights: Users can gain valuable insights into the party’s reach by exploring the total number of registered users specifically in Rajasthan. This feature provides a dynamic snapshot of the party’s influence in the region.
  4. User Search Functionality: The app facilitates easy networking by enabling users to search and connect with fellow party members. This enhances communication and community building among the party’s members.
  5. Complaint Submission: A dedicated section allows users to voice their concerns and submit complaints directly through the application. This feature fosters a transparent and responsive channel for communication between the party and its members.
  6. Dynamic ID Card Generation: As an innovative touch, the app generates dynamic ID cards for users. This not only adds a sense of belonging for the members but also serves as a practical tool for identification within the party.

Technological Stack:

link $Technological Stack:
  1. TypeScript
  2. React Native Expo
  3. Firebase (Backend)

I am immensely proud of this project, which seamlessly integrates technology and political engagement. The Parivartan Parry mobile application stands as a testament to my expertise in mobile app development and my commitment to leveraging technology for positive social change.

If you are interested in experiencing the future of political engagement, feel free to explore the app in my portfolio. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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