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Master Anything Faster: Proven Tips and Techniques

Master Anything Faster: Proven Tips and Techniques

GX Anshu | Fri May 27 2022

mastering anything faster is just a way to use your time effectively. in last article we study about principles and now in this post i am going to share my notes of all the remaining topics related to efficient learning. keep in mind that these are just notes of my learning i am not going to prove anything if you want any prove the please copy the heading and simply search it on google you will get the answer.

the remaining topics are

  1. lies
  2. pillars
  3. science
  4. techniques

so lets start with lies that are going to told us about the learning.

there are four main lies that we are going to cover in this article so first let me clear about the lies. you can also say that these are just myths about the learning and if you want prove the simply google it 😊

Follow Your Passion

link $Follow Your Passion

you don’t need have a passion about your carrier but must have interest in that field you have to word hard to successful in that career and if you have passion but not interest in work for that passion then please don’t make your passion as your profession. for example you have a passion to travel the world but if some pay you to do that task the you lose your interest in that work, that’s why you should also have a high interest in that field.

You Can Avoid Risk

link $You Can Avoid Risk

risk is the part of process you can’t avoid them, just enjoy the journey and enjoy the risk in order to do something bold you have to take risk.

Trust this one person

link $Trust this one person

no one is perfect just find out every single part of knowledge related to your query don’t lesion only one person because once you do that you have only one prospective to view the problem but if lesion so many people then just mix up and get your conclusion.

10,000 hours rule

link $10,000 hours rule

the more you practice the more you became better. we have to face Plato faces we don’t have to quit we have to practice until we can’t achieve a good level at the point. there is not require to give 10,000 hours to master anything some are able to master in only below then 10,000 and some will not time is not the key here, here the practice is the key.

in this section i am going to share 4 pillars if you understand that pillars and able to practise then in your day to day life you will get results.

Everything is a game

link $Everything is a game

when we frame out mindset like everything is a game then two thing happens first one is we have growth mindset and another one is fixed mindset. we have to believe that intelligence is make growth in it we can develop it and play everything like a game you can win the game by working hard and make strategy .

this method also help us to control over our life and this is called locus of control

every game have a system and your life have a system too so figured out the system and win the game.

by playing that game of life of life you can master it like a study is done on London taxi drivers and that was like by driving the taxi for long time taxi drivers know the every single road in the London is due to because they play it like a game know play they get experience and now they can play better in the same way if we play our life or any process like a game then we find out systems and able to win the game.

Feynman Technique

link $Feynman Technique

Mr. Richard Feynman is one the smartest physician on man and he used to say that if you can’t explain the topic you learn to a child then you don’t understand the topic by that all means that if you learn something new then you have to teach that topic to another one if you able to teach that means you understood the topic otherwise reread the topic.

Trunk Based Knowledge

link $Trunk Based Knowledge

Trunk based knowledge is a idea came from the a tree just imagine a tree which have some leafs and a trunk if goes in some technical knowledge then it would leafs be like a pure information related to some topic of trunk be like a fundamental of this topic.

for example you want to learn guitar and you also want to learn how to code, how to build a house so instant of learning directly you have to first grab there trunk the basic information related to that. like you want know how to program the first of all figured it out how computer works?, how internet works? and once you done with basics then move on to the leaf part here is also a great article related to trunk based knowledge.

Efficiency trumps grit

link $Efficiency trumps grit

been busy is like you don’t have a proper time management skills it’s not about how busy you are in your work it’s all about how productive you are in your work follow the parato 80-20 principle and get the efficiency trumps.

from here we are going to study the science behind our brain works like how able to take decisions and able to deep work here are the researchers are present and all the techniques also

Focus vs diffuse mode

link $Focus vs diffuse mode

focus mode is like put your all energy in one task. its like a laser point to one single point. diffuse mode is just opposite of focus here all your brain energy goes in all directions its like a touch that give light to many areas. you have to focus on one thing at a time to get the knowledge but its also important to came in diffuse mode too. because you can’t always in focus mode. focus mode is helpful to learn something but only in a short term memory to save it in long term you have to revise it in diffuse mode.

The science of sleep

link $The science of sleep

efficient amount of sleep produce the efficient amount of learning. for long term learning lack of sleep is Honorable strategy. sleep is like detoxify for our brain. lack of sleep produce too many toxins in the brain that’s why we are not more able to make good decisions so don’t sleep too much and don’t sleep lase also

Brain training

link $Brain training

there are connection between the neurons in the brain the stronger the connection of the neurons, the stronger our memory is. so if you want to increase you memory then you have to do exercise for your brain like you can revise the old concepts that you learn and also there is a huge physical exercise requirement also

The science of feedback

link $The science of feedback

there are two types of feedback while learning at that is negative feedback or positive feedback like “no this is not good” and the negative side of “yes, i am learning something new” in learning we have to focus on negative side too because criticism is also require to learn something new. if you want to know about when they are use then just understand that if you are a beginner then follow your positive feedback but if you are fine at something then follow your negative side to learn from them.


link $Procrastination

this is all about to do easy tasks only we don’t want to do something that are brain not enjoying you have to take initiative for that you have to do things in correct way so there no problem occur.

Short and long term memory

link $Short and long term memory

whenever we learn something it store in our short term memory but after repeating the same information it will go into the long term too. but ya just know that there is no formula to store directly in your long term so just learn and revise it will work

Active vs passive learning

link $Active vs passive learning

active learning is when you participate in certain activity to learn and passive way of learning is just consuming the information like watch tutorials on YouTube and some podcast both ways are great but if you really want to learn then you have to practice the topic even if you learn that from active learning if you practice that it will save in your mind.

The science of motivation

link $The science of motivation

there are two types of motivation the inner and the outer motivation in learning or spaciously in self learning inner motivation is much more effective then the outer motivation. i i would like to talk about the inner motivation then it would be your autonomy, mastering, purpose if you have any of these you will have a limitless motivation.

you must have a goal not big one but at least you must have one. your goals must be SMART and then break down your goals into small steps and make action as your hobby to achieve your goals.

It pays to not be busy

link $It pays to not be busy

actually busyness is a problem because when you are busy that means you don’t manage your time or in our human brain there are so many neurons generate daily so we need to free time for those also to develop there functionality as well.

if you want to learn something then you can’t learn it directly or the whole syllabus at a time you have to divide the complete syllabus into many chunks and the learn or master these chunks and then combine the knowledge and get your results

How to solve problems ?

link $How to solve problems ?

there are two ways to solve a problem the one is with full focus like put your all focus on one task and you get the solution and if you didn’t get the solution then just use the diffuse method just spend your time in a good area or mood you get the solution automatically.

deliberate practice

link $deliberate practice

deliberate practice is the key to master anything in this process we have to dedicate our time and focus to only one task even you like it or not just dedicate yourself you will became master in it.

spaced repetition

link $spaced repetition

this method help you to transfer your short term to long term in this process you have to revise the content on every day or every week basis you have to create a habit to revise all the content and after few day you will see the changes.

habits are energy savers

link $habits are energy savers

yes that’s true the every is used to create any habit once the habit was developed then there is no energy require to do that task like my habit is two write with my left hand but from now if i want to develop habit to write from right hand then brain require more energy and it’s take time to develop but ones it develop i can do it very easily. that’s the power of developing habits you have to develop habits of spaced repetition.

have an endpoint

link $have an endpoint

create an endpoint for your brain like create a time limit for your task because once you create a endpoint your mind able to work faster and in more efficient way

yes this is last but really most important concepts about the brain is to get bored. once you get bored your mind able to think in more creative way and in more efficient way so take a activity from here put your screen down for 1 hours and go into a silent empty room then observe you will get one of the best ideas ever.

The Techniques

link $The Techniques

from here i am going to share the techniques that i am using to develop and to learn faster you have to apply these techniques to learn more faster but apply these techniques but take in mind about the old concepts. if you want to know more about these techniques just copy there tiles and search it on google.

Pomodoro Technique

link $Pomodoro Technique

this technique is all about 25 minutes deep focus work and 5 minutes diffuse mode work breakdown your daily task in 30 minutes workspace.

Chunk the subject

link $Chunk the subject

chunk the knowledge and then learn these chunks after that just combine all of the chunks to get your course done.

speed repetition

link $speed repetition

the information you learned is now in your short term memory now just revise all the information on daily or weekly bases to transfer this knowledge to long term memory

deliberate practice

link $deliberate practice

you have to deliberate your practices like do the practice even you like or not this makes you perfect at that skill.

create a roadmap

link $create a roadmap

yes without road map you are like a top speed car running in 250km/hr but don’t know where to gone ? that’s why we have to create a road map for out knowledge paths then start studying on them.


link $Interleaving

interleaving is a basic idea that tell that in stand of learning only one way to do something you have to learn different ways like instant of learning some concept from only teacher you need to learn it from so many then get you method.

i know its hard to pronounce but this is like when we are beginners we take advice from so many people but when became some expert in that field we stop taking advice and that’s the problem this is called einstellung we have to protect our self from this.

importance of community

link $importance of community

as you know human is a social animal if you want to master at something you have a community where others are learning the same thing.

habits are the building block of our life we have to create good habits, some habits that help us to learn faster like a habit of speed revision and many more..

system and goals

link $system and goals

goals are important the you know what is more important than a goal is system, system help you to do something without any problem because the system was design to avoid that problems that’s why follow some good courses.

the power of senses

link $the power of senses

yes you know we can also remember things by using our senses like i personally use a perfume, the idea is like i spray the perfume at the page i want to remember and then just learn from that page after sometimes whenever i smell that fragrance of that perfume i remember the thing that i learn from them.

method of loki

link $method of loki

i already describe that topic in my principles article.

parato principle

link $parato principle

i also already describe that topic in my parato principle article

here my notes are all complete 😌 if you have any problem with these notes like you did’t understand then just comment down below or click that link to email me