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Learn Faster: Essential Principles for Rapid Skill Acquisition

Learn Faster: Essential Principles for Rapid Skill Acquisition

GX Anshu | Thu May 26 2022

This Efficient Learning post will teach you productivity strategies, learning strategies, and memory technique skills that you will use for the rest of your life.

Become an efficient learner, improve your memory and productivity, and become the best version of yourself. You’ll learn to outperform others (and your current self!) by using strategies, techniques, and skills that are proven by the latest scientific research and are being used by many of the world’s top performers!

efficient learning is the best way to utilise time while studying and learning

The path:

  1. Principles
  2. Lies
  3. Pillers
  4. Science
  5. Techniques

but before we start let me introduce you the way to learn anything faster and in better way by using the Method of Loki

Method Of Loki

link $Method Of Loki

method of loki is a technique that helps you to learn anything faster by just creating a story behind the scene. just image you have to memorise the number 45001947 so the way to memorise this number is just rote the number but when rote these number then these number are in your temporary mind they will store permanently. so to store the numbers permanently according to loki method we have to create a story behind it so lets see if we can say that “4 friends drives a car with 50 rupees in there pocket in 1947” by just reading that sentence we can remember anything.

The Principles

link $The Principles

this section is all about to change mindset. our brain use neuroplasticity which means we can change the way of our brain works

Learning vs Winning the system

link $Learning vs Winning the system

most of the people use winning system to learn something but if you really want to learn use learning system. study to learn something new not to just get good marks in you exams or your competition.

What is success ?

link $What is success ?

success is all about to been smart and to learn anything faster.

The obstacles

link $The obstacles

obstacles are everywhere and people accept it by saying “its not possible” instead of saying that just say “yes i am doing something new”

thing like everyone facing that issue but i am not going to give up because i want to unique.

nobody is good in first but you have to try. when you feel suck while facing obstacles just enjoy because many people are going to give up there if you pass the obstacles you became valuable

must know when to quit something. if you have wonderful opportunity then quit otherwise don’t like you are doing something and you want to quit then remember that if you have another great opportunity next of this then quit otherwise don’t.

Compound Learning

link $Compound Learning

we have to convert consuming information from social media to learn something valuable in small chunk

the idea is that we don’t have time to learn completely in one time so we have to divide it into parts into chunks in all day like GYM not complete in one day but little bit daily help to complete that some formula apply here if you divide you course into chunks and the start learning them so they will finish fast.

Failure don’t count

link $Failure don’t count

in the journey to been successful there are the thing that came and it is failures but failures don’t count like you apply for a job at some company and you got rejected at 100 times and at your 101 try you get hired by google so the success hides all your failures that why failures don’t count.

Choose vs chore

link $Choose vs chore

take learning as a choose not as your chore because choose is permanent and chore are temporary state of mind

It’s all about in the frame

link $It’s all about in the frame

change the prospective of anything always try to look at positive side of any situation because positive view help you to grow not to make you sunk like negative view that’s why its all about the frame of mind that we creates.

Pareto Principle

link $Pareto Principle

this principle is also know as 80-20 principle which say’es that 20% of your action produce 80% of the result. mastering is something about to came in top 5%.

is this is the best way to use my time for this task” - this question gives your 20% action

Skill Stacking

link $Skill Stacking

instead of good at one thing you should have good at many skills and them combine them this is called skill stacking

to became at top or master at something we have to dedicate our life to the topic you have for me its like

programmer + business skills + marketing skills

this makes me more valuable then other master programmers that’s why a person with these skills are more valuable then a great programmer.

Happiness factor

link $Happiness factor

if you want to learn then stay happy find your happiness factor that help you

”Write down your 5-7 happiness factor

Your Productivity Time

link $Your Productivity Time

what area of time through a day are you productive the most and then use that time like some people are better learners at night time or someone like me love to learn in the morning time so figure it out what is your productive time to learn and do some things

Self Learning Paradigm

link $Self Learning Paradigm

self learning is the best way to learn something but the problem with self learning is that its require a pure energy from your body like you must have a interest for that topic or you must have passion for that subject. this gives you energy, motivation of everything that you need to learn by yourself.

these are the principles of learning something new that principles help you to develop a great mindset to learn anything faster now lets talk about the lies in next article